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Palazzo Bettoni

Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences

The aim of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences (DSCS) is the implementation of the principles of modern academic medicine being involved in all the scientific and teaching aspects of numerous clinical areas, related to diseases that are in continuous epidemiological and clinical evolution. They include cardio and cerebrovascular, oncological and haematological, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic, neurodegenerative, infectious and psychiatric diseases. In fact, they represent the main causes of fatal and non fatal events at present time and will be even more common and important in future years.
The Department is organised in 5 sections:

  1. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology;
  2. Internal - Specialist Medicine;
  3. Neurosciences;
  4. General - Specialist Surgery;
  5. Maternal and paediatric diseases.

Cross-cutting research on these themes and the study of disease mechanisms at a molecular level are key strengths of the Department. In the Department clinical trials are conducted with both industries and non-commercial partners, where insights from basic science are translated to novel diagnostic technologies and medical treatments. We value inter-disciplinary collaborations between different groups with a total of about 80 academic members. Innovative teaching strategies devoted to improve professional quality in all health areas will be applied, in order to reach the best holistic approach to physical, mental and psychological wellness. Our research teams play leading roles in national and international scientific societies thus providing many collaborative research opportunities.

Director: Prof. Maurizio Castellano