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Department of Information Engineering

The Department of Information Engineering (DII) was established in the academic year 1982/83, in conjunction with the foundation of the University of Brescia. It was initially named “Department of Industrial Automation”, and later “Department of Electronics for Automation” so as to address, through its research activities, the needs of the local manufacturing industry. It gradually brought innovation to their production process thanks to the introduction of electrical components and algorithmic methods for automation and control.
The Department, through the years, has consolidated its role and image as a unique environment for conducting studies and research for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way including also fundamental research and it is now called Department of Information Engineering (DII).
The Department’s main competences range in the following fields: Automation, Electromagnetic fields, Electronics, Physics of Fundamental Interaction, Information Technology, Electric and Electronic Measurements, Condensed Matter Physics and Telecommunications.
Research activities are carried out within several research and development laboratories and they are oriented to improve both fundamental and application oriented research. Effort is also devoted to technology transfer to the manufacturing and service industry, whether public or private. In this context, the DII has signed a large number of contracts to conduct both fundamental and applied research, expert assessments and exploratory development, supported by private companies and/or national, European and international funding agencies. The commitment of all researchers enabled the Department to deposit numerous patents, filed both nationally and internationally. In recent years, the Department has also acted as an incubator for a few spin-off companies, which are now operating successfully on the market place.
The Department promotes and coordinates research investments as a whole; it provides adequate facilities, thanks to the maintenance of high quality laboratory equipment and an advanced computing and networking infrastructure. The careful allocation of available space, the intense interaction between different complementary research teams, and the tight support by its administrative personnel ensures that all available human resources can operate at best to handle successfully any contractual research whether publicly or privately funded.

Director: Prof. Fabio Baronio