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Department of Law

Established in 2012 as a continuation of the former Department of Legal Sciences, the Department of Law (DiGi) is committed to excellence in research and teaching in higher education.

The research and teaching carried out at the Department cover all areas of legal knowledge and range from Constitutional, Administrative and Fiscal Law to Civil, Commercial and Labour Law, Criminal Law, Criminal and Civil Procedure, International and European Law, Canonical and Ecclesiastical Law, Roman Law, Comparative Law, Legal History and Jurisprudence.

The publications of the academic staff and the frequency of congresses and workshops held at the Department illustrate the high scientific achievements of the Department. It publishes two monographic series: the first, entitled “Collana del Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza”, is edited by Giuffré, and the second, entitled “Quaderni brevi del Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche” was edited by Promodis until 2012 and then by Bibliofabbrica.

The teaching activities of the Department consist in a Single-cycle program in Law, an undergraduate program in Labour and Industrial Relations, designed for future company advisors, and a Second Level Master’s Degree Program in Legal Dispute Mediation. Moreover, the Department hosts the Specialization School for Legal Professions, organises a Ph.D. program in Business and Law and is associated with other Ph.D. programs in various legal areas. Finally, it is worth mentioning the organisation of the International Summer School in European Law, Competition and Protection of Social Rights and the development of the first Italian course in Clinical Legal Education within the framework of the Single-cycle program in Law.

DirectorProf. Antonio Saccoccio