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PHD Course in Industrial Engineering

Welcome to the PHD Course in Industrial Engineering (DRIMI)

Starting from its 29th Cycle, the four previous PHD Courses active at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, i.e.

  • Materials for Engineering;
  • Applied Mechanics;
  • Design and Management of integrated Logistics and Production Systems;
  • Technologies and Energy Systems for the mechanical Industry

have been reunited into a single PHD Course, named:

  • PhD Course in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DRIMI)

The scope of a PhD course is to learn what research is.

For the new Masters of Science, the Course is a great opportunity of growth:in the three years of study, no matter what the individual scores will be, they learn how to:

  • achieve results;
  • plan objectives;
  • handle financial resources;
  • report on what has been done and communicate the results.

For industries, enroll a PhD means to acquire a young professional with the technical background, the experience, the skills, the intellectual autonomy and the leadership that are of enormous importance to suitably cover responsibility roles in R&D of new products and processes, in starting up of new initiatives, in innovating design, production and logistics.

Therefore, PHDs can really be the engines of innovation in the company.

In DRIMI, research is both basic and applied, in four sub-areas:

  • Materials for Engineering;
  • Energy, Fluidodynamics and applied Mechanics - related Technologies and Systems;
  • Applied Mechanics;
  • Design and Management of integrated Logistics and Production Systems.

La Responsabile del Corso di Dottorato

Prof. Laura Eleonora Depero