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The Department Quality Board

Compliant to the indication of the University Quality Board, the Department has its own Internal quality system through the Department Quality Board (PQD).

The Teaching Quality Board

​​The Teaching Quality Board operates in sinergy with the Teaching Office of the Department.

Presently, the Teaching Quality Board Coordinator is  Prof. Riccardo Adamini, Full Professor of Applied Mechanics.

The PQD members are:

  • Riccardo Adamini, PQD Coordinator
  • Marco Alberti, Referent of the Bachelor's Program in Management Engineering and of the Master's Program in Management Engineering.
  • Giorgio Donzella, Referent of the Bachelor's Program in Mechanical Engineering and of the Master's Program in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Giovanni Legnani, Referent of the Bachelor's Program in Industrial Automation Engineering and of the Master's Program in Industrial Automation Engineering.
  • Fabio Bignotti, Referente Corso di laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica dei Materiali
The Research Quality Board

According to the Law, the Research Quality Board s composed of a member for each disciplinary field operating in the Department.

Presently, the Research Quality Board Coordinator is Prof. Pietro Poesio, Full Professor of Automatics.

The Board members are: