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DonzellaWelcome to the Teaching page of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and industrial Engineering offers seven Degree Programs (3 Bachelor's Programs and 4 Master's Programs), 8 curricula, 2 joint-degree Programs with international Universities and several Erasmus programs. This wide Program offer allows all students the possibility to choose the most suitable Program to fulfill al his needs in the perspective of a prompt access to the labour market. It gives them a solid engineering background, with high-level specialistic skills on traditional and innovative disciplines.

Teaching, in particular teaching related to the most advanced courses, is intrinsically connected to the research activity of the Department Researchers, and takes profit from the large number of cooperation relations with industries and institutions of the Brescia area.

The efficicacy of the Department teaching Programs is demonstrated by the strong request of our Bachelors and Masters by the labour market locally and worldwide. They are particularly apprciated for their skills and flexibility, and this makes them highly competitive in international contexts.

The Head of the Council of the Aggregated Programs in Industrial Engineering, Prof. Giorgio Donzella.