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Palazzo Bettoni

Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine

The Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine (DMMT), founded in 2011, includes more than 70 professors and researchers and encompasses different areas of basic research, diagnostics, translational and clinical medicine. Scientific interests span from Agri-food, Biochemistry, Biology and Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry, General Pathology, General Surgery, Histology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacology, to Physics and Statistics.
The Department hosts multiple research facilities (such as electronic and confocal microscopy, a laboratory for the handling of genetically modified micro-organisms, image analysis, zebrafish husbandry, etc.) a platform of Next Generation Sequencing, proteomics and in vivo imaging.
The main objectives of this Department are:

  1. educating and training the future leaders in biomedical research by providing a rich intellectual environment for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as for postdoctoral fellows;
  2. promoting a bidirectional integration between basic and clinical research for the progress of medical sciences;
  3. developing and strengthening the field of biotechnologies as a converging point for academy and the local industry;
  4. further developing and improving diagnostics.

The general goal of the activities carried out in the Department is to improve the understanding of the causes of human diseases and to develop therapeutic and preventive medicine in order to contribute to a better lifestyle and environment for future generations.

Director: Prof. Massimo Gennarelli