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Presentation of the D.I.F.F. Centre

The aims of the DIFF Centre are to:

  • Promote, support and boost basic and clinical pharmacological research.
  • Start drug information and education programmes to promote awareness of the particular characteristics of the various drug classes.
  • Provide doctors and all health workers with information on the properties, use and side effects of drugs.
  • Organise Seminars and Scientific Conferences to further knowledge on marketed proprietary drugs, especially with regard to modes of action, therapeutic applications, side effects and toxic effects.
  • Promote pharmacovigilance programmes and studies based on training and research plans with General practitioners, Freelance practitioners, Scientific Societies, Boards and Professional Associations and University Facilities.
  • Establish relations with the Observatories to keep the results obtained from clinical trials conducted in Italy and around the world up to date.
  • Promote interaction with the community of patient associations, the medical and scientific world and manufacturing and distribution enterprises.