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Q-tech Research and Study Laboratory

Quality and Technology Assessment, Governance and Communication Strategies in Health Systems

Q-Tech Lab is a structure with the purpose of coordinating of activities to promote, support, implement and disseminate research, in order to improve the University's quality standards for scientific research. The activities of the Laboratory are aimed at:

  • Developing research and surveys on issues of quality and innovation in social and health activities.
  • Developing research and investigation relating to the process of change taking place in the governance of health care and social and health care institutions.
  • Developing research and investigation in the field of communication in healthcare.
  • Developing research and investigation in the field of Health Technology Assessment
  • Developing research and investigation in the field of health-environment relationship
  • Developing theoretical and experimental research in the field of advanced applications of information technology in the health sector
  • Creating and contributing to training activities/dissemination of scientific research.

In order to facilitate exchanges and the international visibility of its research, the Laboratory cooperates with and supports the publishing of the magazine Journal of Public Health Research (www.jphres.org).