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Department Administration - Molecular and Translational Medicine

This page lists and describes the administrative services of the Department. For information on the staff and their contact details, go to the dedicated pages using the links provided in the related pages sections.

Administrative Secretariat

The service collaborates with other competent offices, dealing with the administrative management of the Department (contracts, project management, databases, etc.).

Secretariat for Teaching Activities

The service offers support for the planning of teaching activities and for the administrative management of the same.

Administrative Divisions of the Department

The service mainly performs administrative and secretarial activities for the Department’s Divisions.

IT support

In collaboration with the competent offices, the service performs IT support for the services provided to users and for the audiovisual and multimedia equipment.

Language Facilities

The service manages and organises the activity of the Language Collaborators.

Auxiliary Services

The service is responsible for porter activities, opening and closing rooms and spaces, managing audiovisual equipment, etc.


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