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Business Consultancy and Training for Professionals



Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/
Two year Master - 120 ECTS)




Italian Verification of curricular and personal training requirements, as specified by the Teaching Regulation of the study programme



LM-77 - Management

Department of Economics and Management



Bertoli Giuseppe Study Programme Sheet
Why study Business Consulting and Training for Professionals at the University of Brescia?
  • The Master’s Degree Programme “Business Consultancy and Training for Professionals” enables to develop in-depth and advanced skills within various professional areas that are crucial to support corporate decision-making processes: governance choices, corporate social responsibility, business administration, strategic planning, management control, internal control and risk management, corporate finance, performance assessment, business combinations, crisis management and debt restructuring, and auditing.

  • Various employment opportunities are available for graduates, as the skills they acquire in this Study Programme are essential for all businesses, both private and public, profit and non-profit, financial and non-financial.

  • The Master’s Degree Programme “Business Consultancy and Training for Professionals” offers two curricula: “Training for Professionals”, which provides advanced knowledge and skills that enable graduates to work as (chartered) accountants, accounting experts and business consultants, and “Management Control”, intended for students who aim at high-level positions in company administration and control.

  • Based on a specific agreement between the University of Brescia and the Order of Chartered Accountants of Brescia, the students have the opportunity to undertake a professional traineeship during their Master’s Degree Programme “Business Consulting and Training for Professionals”, which exempts from the first test of the national professional qualification exam for chartered accountants.


The Master's Degree Programme “Business Consultancy and Training for Professionals” provides a wide range of career prospects: in the management, control and finance functions of all types of businesses, as well as in the field of independent business consultancy. Specifically, this programme allows students:

  • to acquire sound basic knowledge required for becoming chartered accountants and accounting experts, in accordance with the methods provided for by the Reform of Regulated Professions;

  • to operate as business consultant on topics related to governance, administration, strategic planning, management control and finance, in addition to supporting enterprises in dealing with business combinations, including at the international level;

  • to work in high-powered jobs in the areas of management, control and finance, internal auditing and financial reporting;

  • to operate in auditing firms;

  • to work in high-powered jobs at organisations operating in support of companies and at other economic institutes (trade associations, research centres, organisations developing and guiding economic activities, local advisory bodies), with particular reference to the specific skills gained.


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