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Civil and Environmental Engineering (English Master Degree - All courses will be given in English)

Entry requirements:

having adequate knowledge at the level of a Bachelor's degree, consistent with the disciplines covered by the Master's Degree course.

Duration of the course:

2 years (120 credits)

Educational goals:

The Master's Degree Course intends to educate graduates who have an in depth knowledge of the theoretical and scientific aspects of engineering, both in general and in depth concerning environmental and land engineering, allowing them to identify, formulate and solve, also in an innovative manner, complex problems or problems which require an interdisciplinary approach; think up, plan, design and manage complex and/or innovative systems, processes and services; design and manage highly complex experiments.

Employment opportunities:

The professional contexts for the master's degree graduate in Environmental and Land Engineering are associated with the activities, to be carried out independently and also in an innovative fashion, related to planning and managing hydraulic and territorial protection works, plumbing and environmental works, systems of urban and extra-urban transport and of environmental survey; activities involving designing and direction for urban and land planning, programming and project making on different scales, as well as evaluating plans, projects and technological installations; activities of high level technical-administrative and technical-commercial management with public administrations, businesses, public and private agencies and professional offices.

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