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Communication Technologies and Multimedia (English Master Degree - All courses will be given in English)

Entry requirements:
Having adequate knowledge at the level of a Bachelor degree, consistent with the disciplines covered by the Master Degree course.

Duration of the course: 
2 years (120 credits)

Educational goals: 
The Master Course in Communication Technologies and Multimedia educates highly qualified professionals, with a solid background in the theoretical foundations of the disciplines which are the basis of telecommunications in their many aspects, in-depth specialized knowledge about state of the art technologies and methodologies for the development of innovative telecommunications systems, as well as technical and professional skills for consultancy and applied troubleshooting in various fields of telecommunications.

Employment opportunities: 
Master Degree graduates in Communication Technologies and Multimedia may find employment with: businesses involved in designing, producing and running equipment, systems and infrastructures having to do with the acquisition, transport and safety of information and its use in IT applications; businesses which provide telecommunications services at every level, ranging from national and international operators to local ones; businesses using signal processing techniques for applications such as sound and image processing, sensors, robotics, biomedical engineering, remote surveillance, etc.; health care bodies, for the management of the biomedical instruments and for design, realization and management of innovative health services; public and private telecommunications and remote survey agencies, on land or in space; regulatory and control agencies for air, land and sea traffic; public and private research and development centres, working in innovative sectors in the context of engineering and telecommunications.

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