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Biomedical Laboratory Technician

Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate health care operators who are able to carry out, under their own responsibility, actions which fall within their competence, involving laboratory, analysis and research activities concerning biomedical and biotechnological analysis, especially in biochemistry, microbiology and virology, pharmacotoxology, immunology and clinical pathology.
The graduate is involved in the diagnosis procedures and shares in the steps which lead to the diagnosis and cure of the patient; in a technically and professionally independent manner, he or she works in partnership with the university graduates in the laboratory staff which have each been assigned their part of responsibility; he or she is responsible, in the laboratory structures, for correct fulfilment of the analysis procedures and for his or her own action, in the context of his or her functions when applying work protocols laid down by responsible directors; makes sure the services delivered are up to the indexes and standards laid down by  the director of the structure; controls and monitors proper operation of the equipment used, undertakes the ordinary maintenance and any realignment of the instruments; takes part in planning and organizing the work in the context of the structure he or she belongs to; contributes to the education of the supporting staff, and shares directly in updating the professional profile.

Employment opportunities:

The Biomedical Laboratory Technician works professionally with authorized laboratory structures, public (Hospitals, Local Health Care Boards) or private (Clinics, Nursing Homes), as an employee or self-employed, with excellent opportunities for immediate employment.

Location: Brescia