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Dental Hygiene

Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate health care operators who are able to carry out tasks of prevention of mouth and dental affections on instructions by dentists and physicians-surgeons authorized to carry out dentistry, with child, adult and geriatric patients.
The graduate performs dental health education activities and takes part in primary prevention projects in the context of the public health care system; shares in drawing up the odontostomatological clinical record and takes care of the collection of technical and statistical data; undertakes tartar removal and root planning, as well as local application of various protective measures; instructs on methods of oral hygiene and on the use of diagnostic means suitable for highlighting dental plaque and  bacterial film, motivating the need for routine clinical checkups; specifies the rules of rational nutrition in order to safeguard dental health.

Employment opportunities:

The graduate Dental Hygienist can work with dentists and with physicians and surgeons authorized to perform dentistry in health care structures, both public (Hospitals, Local Health Care Boards) and private (Clinics, Nursing Homes), as an employee or self-employed.

Location: Brescia