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Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate health care operators in the technical and care area who are competent for every kind of activity aimed at proper application of food consumption and nutrition. Especially, graduate dieticians organize and coordinate the specific activities referring to nutrition in general and to diets in particular; they cooperate with the agencies assigned to safeguard the hygiene and health aspect of nutrition services; they develop, formulate and implement the diets prescribed by the physician and make sure they are acceptable for the patient; they cooperate with other professionals in the multidisciplinary treatment of nutritional behaviour disorders; they study and draw up the composition of food rations suitable for satisfying the nutrition needs of groups of population and plan the organization of nutrition services for communities of the healthy and the sick; they carry out teaching and education and information activity, in order to spread principles of proper nutrition.

Employment opportunities:

The graduate can work professionally in public or private health care structures and services, on the territory, as an employee or self-employed.

Location: Brescia