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Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques

Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate operators who – in technical and professional independence – carry out prevention, monitoring and control in the fields of hygiene and environmental safety in living and work places, of food and beverage hygiene, of public and veterinary hygiene and health.
The graduate, working in the services with tasks of inspection and vigilance, is – within the limits of his or her tasks – an investigating police authority: this means he or she carries out investigations, concerning the issue of permits or technical and health care authorizations for activities subject to control. When carrying out his or her profession, he or she investigates, establishes, objects to and gives notice of any identified irregularity, and issues opinions within the limits of his or her competence; monitors and controls living and work places and evaluates the need to carry out inspections and inquiries concerning accidents and professional illnesses; monitors and makes sure that structures and locations are compliant in relation to the activity carried out in them, and inspects the conditions of the safety systems; monitors and controls the quality of food and beverages for consumers and evaluates the need for any further specialized investigations; monitors and controls veterinary hygiene and safety, and monitors the need to carry out any further investigations; monitors and controls cosmetic products; works together with the legal administration in investigations on crimes against the environment, on hygiene and safety conditions in work places and on food; works together with other professionals in planning and organizing the work of the structure he or she operates in, and is responsible for the performance and quality of the actions carried out in the context of his or her professional activity; takes part in study, teaching and professional counselling in health care services and in the places where such a professional competence is required; contributes to the education of the supporting staff, and shares directly in updating the professional profile and research.

Employment opportunities:

The graduate may work professionally, as an employee or self-employed, in public and private structures, within the context of the national health care system, with every prevention, control and monitoring service provided for by current regulations.

Location: Brescia