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Health Care Assistant

Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate health care operators assigned to health prevention, promotion and education who are able – in a technically and professionally independent manner – to carry out prevention, monitoring and control in the field of hygiene and environmental safety in living and working places, of food and beverage hygiene, of public and veterinary hygiene and health, addressed to individuals, families and the community.
The graduate identifies health needs on the basis of epidemiological and social and cultural data, and the priorities of preventive, educational and rehabilitative intervention; identifies the biological and social risk factors, and is responsible for implementing and solving those interventions which fall within his or her competence; plans, schedules, implements and evaluates health education interventions during every phase of the life of the person; shares in laying down the methods of communication, the programmes and campaigns for health promotion and education, including those in schools; shares in the training and updating of the health care and school operators concerning the manner of health education; intervenes in family planning and health, sexual and social and affection education programmes; implements specific family supporting interventions, activates network resources, also in partnership with general practitioners and other operators on the territory, and takes part in therapy programmes for the family; supervises, within the limits of his or her competence, the hygiene and health conditions in families, schools and communities, and monitors environmental hygiene and infection risk, reporting and relating to the competent authorities and proposing pro-active solutions; works in the context of the centres, together with or as an alternative to the health education services, in public relations offices; takes part in initiatives for the evaluation and improvement of the quality of services of the health care services, especially identifying the level of appreciation by users; shares in initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights of citizens, with special reference to health promotion; acts both individually and in partnership with the other health care, social and school operators, making use, when necessary, of the work of supporting staff; contributes to the education of the supporting staff, and shares directly in updating the professional profile.

Employment opportunities:

The graduate can work inside public (Hospitals, Local Health Care Boards) or private (Clinics, Nursing Homes) structures, as an employee or self-employed.

Location: Brescia, Cremona