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Medical Biotechnologies

Entry requirements:
Having adequate knowledge at the level of a Bachelor degree, consistent with the disciplines covered by the Master Degree course.

Duration of the course:
2 years (120 credits)

Educational goals:
The Master course has the purpose of educating graduates with a high degree of skill in the various fields of medical biotechnologies. Especially, graduates in the Master Course on Biotechnologies must: 1) acquire in-depth knowledge of the morphological/structural, genetic, biochemical-functional aspects of cells, tissues and human organs, in relation to the main processes of proliferation, differentiation and morphogenesis; 2) get to know the fundamentals of pathological processes on a molecular, cellular and organ level, with special attention to the contexts of interest for molecular and regenerative medicine and for tissue engineering; 3) acquire in-depth knowledge of the structure and function of biomolecules together with solid skills in the techniques needed to characterize, analyze and design them, with special attention to genomic and proteomic approaches; 4) acquire knowledge about biomaterials, design, biocompatibility and possible applications with special reference to molecular and regenerative medicine; 5) acquire in-depth knowledge of biotechnologies allowing identification and validation of therapeutic targets and diagnostic approaches, including innovative instruments for molecular medicine, oncology, regenerative medicine and gene therapy.

Employment opportunities:
Master graduates in Medical Biotechnologies may operate, with responsibility and independence, in public or private agencies or research centres, and in companies involved in the biotechnological/biomedical/pharmaceutical field, with special reference to those working in the field of molecular and regenerative medicine.