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Nursery and Midwifery

Entry requirements:
Having adequate knowledge at the level of a Bachelor degree, consistent with the disciplines covered by the Master Degree course.

Duration of the course:
2 years (120 credits)

Educational goals:
The Master Degree Course has the purpose of educating graduates having an advanced cultural and professional training, so they can intervene with a high degree of competence in care, management, training and research in the context of the health care professions of nurse, paediatric and obstetrician nurse. On the basis of the knowledge acquired, the graduates are able to take into account – when planning and managing the staff of the health care area – community needs and the needs of development of new methods of work organization and of technological and IT organization, also with reference to forms of remote care or remote teaching, and the needs for planning and organizing educational and training interventions, as well as of making operating standards uniform to those of the European Union. Also after the experience developed through suitable professional activity, specialist graduates develop an integrated approach to problems of organization and management in health care professions, qualified by mastery of the techniques and procedures of health care management and are also able to intervene in the training and research processes typical of their spheres of action.

Employment opportunities:
The Master Degree graduate is able to act as a director in health care structures, public or private (organization/supervision of the structures and delivery of services in an efficiency and efficacy focused outlook), university teaching, ongoing education, either as an employee or self-employed.