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Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

This Course is intended to educate health care operators with the skills needed to act as nurses responsible for general, preventive, curing, palliative and rehabilitation care for child, adult and geriatric patients.
Their main tasks are sickness prevention, care for the ill and the disabled of every age and health care education. The graduate takes part in the identification of the needs in terms of health and nursing care of the person and of the collectivity and formulates the relevant goals; plans, manages and evaluates the nursing care intervention; ensures correct application of the diagnostic and therapeutic prescriptions; acts both individually and in partnership with the other health care and social care operators, making use, when necessary, of the work of supporting staff; contributes to the training of the supporting staff and shares directly in updating the professional profile and in research.

Employment opportunities:

A Nursing graduate may carry out his or her profession inside public (Health Care Boards, Hospitals) and private bodies (Clinics, Nursing Homes, Rest Homes) on the territory and in home care, as an employee or a self-employed professional.


Brescia, Cremona, Mantua, Esine (Bs), Desenzano (Bs), Chiari (Bs).