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Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity

Entry requirements:
Having adequate knowledge at the level of a Bachelor degree, consistent with the disciplines covered by the Master Degree course.

Duration of the course:
2 years (120 credits)

Educational goals:
The Master Degree Course has the purpose of educating graduates who are able to: design, run and manage physical activities, with special attention to gender specifics; conducting and managing physical activity, with attention to gender specific issues; operating in the field of physical activity for recreational purposes, specialization, prevention, maintenance and recovery of the best physical efficiency in different age groups; with an in-depth knowledge of the methodologies and techniques of physical education for the disabled;

Employment opportunities:
The Master graduates can hold high posts of responsibility in various fields of planning, conducting and managing preventive and adaptive physical activities, especially: teaching in schools, training and recreational activities which call for the presence of educators; interventions with disabled individuals or individuals with functional deficiencies, in team work with medical and health care staff at care centres, clinics, rest homes or in the context of home care; promotional, amateur and professional sports with clubs, associations and sports clubs; organizing and managing sports structures.