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Social Worker

Entry requirements:

Secondary School diploma

Duration of the course:

3 years (180 credits)



Educational goals:

The purpose of this Course is to educate health care operators who are able to implement specific educational and rehabilitation projects, as organizers and in professional autonomy, aimed at a balanced development of the personality in a context of participation and return to daily life, handling the positive psychological and social insertion of individuals in difficulty.
The graduate plans, manages and monitors educational interventions focusing on the recovery and development of the potential of individuals with difficulties, in order to achieve increasingly advanced levels of autonomy; he or she contributes to the promotion and organization of social and health care structures and resources, in order to implement an integrated educational project; works within the context of social and health care services, social, health care and rehabilitation structures and social and educational structures, in coordinated and integrated partnership with other professionals operating in such structures, through direct involvement of the affected parties and/or their families, groups and communities; works on the families and the social context of patients, in order to support their return into the community; takes part in study, research and documentation work aimed at the above mentioned goals; contributes to the education of students and supporting staff, and  shares directly in updating the professional profile and in research.

Employment opportunities:

The graduate can work professionally, within the context of his or her competences, in public or private social and health care and social and educational structures and services, on the territory, in residential and semi-residential structures, as an employee or self-employed.

Location: Brescia - Mantua