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EU students holding foreign educational qualifications

Admission to master's degree programmes


EU-citizens residing in Italy with foreign educational qualifications submit the application for enrolment directly to the University of Brescia. They are admitted to master’s degree programmes without quota limitations and without having to take the italian language test.

The regulations and provisions of the Ministry of University and Research are published at the link http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/. We refer you to these provisions for all information.



1. Admission to a master's degree programme requires possession of a bachelor's degree or three-year university  diploma, or another equivalent qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable for accessing the chosen master's programme. The foreign qualification must have been issued by official universities or post-secondary upper education institutions and must allow pursuit of university studies at the next level, within the education system that issued the qualification.

2. Admission to master's degrees is subject to the meeting of specific curricular and personal preparation requirements. These criteria are established annually for each study programme and are indicated

  • in the admission notices
  • or, if an admission notice is not provided for the programme of interest, in the Teaching Regulations that can be viewed in the web page dedicated to the study programme, which can be selected from the web page Academic offer

For some master's degrees verification of personal preparation can also include knowledge of the English language to at least level B1 CEFR (Common european framework of reference for languages).

Admission to the university is only permitted if the documentation certifying possession of the requirements is valid, as required by current regulations and the specific provisions of the Ministry of University and Research.



Master's degrees at the University of Brescia require an admission test or the pre-assessment of the specific curricular and personal preparation requirements: please check the file Master's degrees: requirements and deadlines for admission and enrollment 2020/2021 (file .pdf) and the admission notice.


  1. The original diploma (or replacement certificate)  in a foreign language, referring to the bachelor's degree or post-secondary education must be accompanied by the official translation in Italian or English: those concerned can contact local translators and must request certification of the translation's compliance from the relevant official Italian Representation. 
    The original diploma (or the replacement certificate) must also be legalised or carry the Apostille stamp and must be accompanied by a Declaration of value by the official Italian Representation.
    Instead of Legalization and Declaration of value our university accepts respectively the Statement of verification and the Statement of comparability issued by CIMEA.
  2. The original certificate with a list of the exams taken (transcript of records) issued by the university or the non-university upper institution is also required. If the University or the institution issues the original certificate in English language candidates are exempted from translating it into Italian; if not the certificate must be translated into Italian and the translation must be confirmed by the official Italian Representation. 
  3. The detailed programmes of the exams taken (Syllabus) are considered a preferential requirement. They must bear the foreign University stamp and have to be translated in Italian or English, too. Some master's degrees accept the Syllabus in other languages: in the admission notices and/or Teaching regulations it is indicated if and for which foreign languages candidates are exempt from translation.