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Admission to the bachelor's degree programmes in Economics

Admission requirements: admission to the Bachelor’s Degree course requires a high school diploma or equivalent qualification obtained abroad. Admission of students in possession of suitable qualifications from abroad is regulated by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research's ‘Regulations for Admission of Foreign Students to University Programmes‘. Regulations for students in possession of qualifications obtained abroad can be found in the International Students area of the website (link in the column on the right).

Admission test: a compulsory indicative test is required. For the admission to the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree course, two tests are held: one in spring (19 April 2018) and one in autumn (September 2018). Student who have yet to complete their final year of high school may sit the test.

The educational pathway is organised into a 3 years Programme involving 180 credits

Attendance: optional 



Call for applications (admission test 19 April 2018)


The admission application form must be submitted online. Students enrolled in the fifth year of high school may also take part in the test.  

Upon completion of the online test registration procedure, the applicant must print the registration receipt, which will indicate the date, time, location, and the room of the Department in which the candidate will sit the test. He must print and pay the participation fee (MAV slip), too. 

What is the indicative test? (in italian language)

Indicative Test: information and materials for the three areas (in italian language)

Counselling and admission test - Students with disabilities 


The test result is for information purposes only and is published on the website of the Department of Ecomomics and Management.

An insufficient test result does not in any way preclude enrolment in the Bachelor’s Degree and participation in the course. However, students who obtain insufficient results in mathematics and English language are required to improve their basic preparation in these subject areas before the start of their university studies.


Students must complete enrolment online within the deadline established in the call for applications. 

Online enrolment for study programmes in Economics, Law and Engineering


Taxes and tuition fees  a.y. 2017/2018

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