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Admission to the bachelor's degree programmes in Engineering

Admission requirements: admission to the Bachelor’s Degree course requires a high school diploma or equivalent qualification obtained abroad. The enrolment of students in possession of suitable qualifications from abroad is regulated by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research's ‘Regulations for Admission of Foreign Students to University Programmes‘. Regulations for students in possession of qualifications obtained abroad can be found in the International Students area of the website (link in the column on the right).

Admission test: a compulsory indicative test TOLC_I (online CISIA Test for Engineering) is required. The test is organised by the University of Brescia in cooperation with the CISIA Consortium (Inter-university Consortium for Integrated Access Systems) . The indicative test aims to assess the adequacy of the students’ preparation in core subjects and consistent with the necessary requirements for successful attendance on the course chosen. The test will be held in two stages: the early aptitude test from March to July 2017; the September aptitude test.  Student who have yet to complete their final year of high school may sit both test stages. Students in the penultimate year of high school can only sit the early TOLC from March to July 2017.

The educational pathway is organised into a 3 years programme involving 180 credits

Attendance: optional



Call for applications  admission test 6 and 8 September 2017


How to register for the admission test TOLC-I

The admission application form for the test TOLC-I must be submitted online on the CISIA Consortium website "TOLC-I (TEST ON-LINE CISIA) ".

Students must register for the anticipated test TOLC-I at least 5 days before the test date. For the registration procedure and examination procedure, students must follow carefully the instructions contained in the document "Enrolment and running of the race". TOLC-I registration costs 30 euros payable via MAV slip or by credit card directly to CISIA at least 5 working days prior to the test.

Where and how does the TOLC-I test take place?

You can sit the TOLC-I test in all universities belonging to the CISIA. At the University of Brescia the test will be held in two stages:

  • 6 and 8 September 2017 aptitude test (only for students in possession of a high school diploma who have not sat an early TOLC-I test or have failed the early test).

The TOLC-I test is undertaken on a personal computer via the CISIA IT platform, in computer rooms of the Engineering Teaching Department in Via Branze, 38, Brescia (the classroom will be indicated on the CISIA registration receipt). The TOLC-I consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (five responses of which one is correct) divided into the following sections: Mathematics (20 questions); Logic (5 questions); Science (10 questions); Verbal Comprehension (5 questions). One point is awarded for each correct answer, -0.25 points for every incorrect answer, 0 points for answers left blank.

Counselling and admission test - Students with disabilities


At the end of the test, the student is able to see immediately on the screen a summary of the test results, the score for each section and the total score expressed in absolute terms. The display of results on the screen confirms that the data and the answers given by each student have been saved successfully.  If the student achieves a score of at least 15 out of 40 (excluding English language questions), he/she can enrol, according to the instructions published in the Call for applications, on any bachelor's degree in Engineering. 

Applicants who fail to achieve in a TOLC-I early test a score of at least 15 out of 40 will be able to re-sit the TOLC-I (no more than once a month). 

Students who fail to achieve the minimum of 15 out of 40 (excluding English language questions) in the 6 or 8 September TOLC-I test, and who are placed in the final 300 in the rankings will be assigned Compulsory Extra Education (OFA) to be carried out according to the methods indicated in the call for applications. All those who sit the TOLC-I aptitude test TOLC-I in September 2017, regardless of the assignment or not of Compulsory Extra Education, can enrol on any one of the bachelor's degree courses in Engineering.

Topics and evaluation of the admission test


In order to enrol, applicants are required to:

  1. Register for the TOLC-I online via the website of the CISIA Consortium website "TOLC-I (TEST ON-LINE CISIA" including payment of €30 directly to CISIA.
  2. Register on the University of Brescia student portal (for applicants unknown to the system).
  3. Complete the pre-enrolment procedure in their online personal profile (the procedure is not binding and no payment is required).

Procedure for Pre-enrolment on Bachelor's degree courses in Engineering


The results of the TOLC-I sat in the 2017 sessions is valid at the University of Brescia for the purpose of enrolling on study programmes for the A.Y. 2017/18 (students in their fifth high school year who will be awarded their high school diploma in the summer of 2017) and 2018/19 (students in the fourth high school year who will be awarded their high school diploma in the summer of 2018). Online enrolment (with or without Compulsory Extra Education) on the University of Brescia website is available in September 2017.

Online enrolment for study programmes in Economics, Law and Engineering 


Taxes and tuition fees  a.y. 2017/2018


Information is available in the related page Academic offer (link in the column on the right)

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