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Science and Technology for population health and wealth

Application deadline:

extended to October 9th, 2015 - 1 p.m.

Entry requirements:

Bachelor or Master degree. It is required a more than adequate initial preparation in basic biomedical disciplines (Mathematics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Physiology). Such knowledge will be verified through an entrance test. English knowledge will be an integral part of the admission test.

Duration of the course:

2 years (120 credits)



Educational targets:

The long-term goal of the Master Degree is to generate a new professional with broad-spectrum interdisciplinary knowledge able to operate in different fields in order to achieve, maintain and revitalise the overall wellbeing of a person.
The Course offers an exclusive educational program and is held in English which constitutes a highly distinctive element. These new professionals will differ from graduates of already existing courses in that they will have integrated and transversal skills and will be highly competitive and innovative at both national and international levels.
The University of Brescia, through its strategic project Health&Wealth, aims at becoming a point of reference in terms of health and wellbeing for institutions, businesses, associations, the financial community and citizens. The Master Degree is designed to train an intellectual élite capable of generating a development model based on the health and wellbeing of the individual and the environment, in a country of great cultural and scientific traditions. Such a model should, in the future, provide a concrete contribution to the progress of Brescia, Italy and the world in general.

Professional profile and employment opportunities

Graduates will be able to design and technically coordinate nutritional and locomotor training programs, to design and manage primary prevention programs in public and private health institutions, retirement homes, institutes treating people with hypomobilities, wellness centers (including hotel spas, thermal centers and health houses), rehabilitation and detention  centers, voluntary or non-profit associations. Graduates will be able to manage programs aimed at promoting and preserving people’s health and wellness.

Learning outcomes and competencies

Graduates will be qualified to work in the fitness field, managing both physical activity programs and nutrition programs aimed at pursuing a better quality of life and promoting people’s health and wellness, also from a technological, socio-economic and environmental point of view. Proficiency in English language applied to health, wellness and correct lifestyle behaviour  will be an additional competency.

Location: Brescia

CoordinatorProf. Marco Presta

Staff secretary Cristina Mazzi

Referent professors:

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