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Enrollment procedures

This section provides information on admission procedures for bachelor's degree programmes, master's degree programmes and single cycle (bachelor's plus master's) degree programmes of the University.
As different admission and/or enrolment deadlines are envisaged for these degree programmes, students are invited to read the related information in the next pages.

The following are admitted to the bachelor's degree programmes: holders of  diplomas from upper secondary schools' five-year programmes; holders of diplomas from teacher’s training institutes ("istituti magistrali") and artistic upper schools ("licei artistici") who have successfully attended a one-year-long supplementary course; anyone already holding a university degree, regardless of which upper secondary school diplomas they may have, may enrol in another degree programme.


It is forbidden – on pain of cancellation of any enrolment subsequent to the first - to enrol at the same time:

  • at more than one University
  • in more than one Degree Programme at the same University
  • in single courses at the same university
  • at Higher education institutions for linguistic mediators (former Higher education institutions for translators and interpreters - Italian Ministerial Decree no.38/2002)