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Italian language test

A. y. 2020/2021

The Italian language test is held online via Google Meet on 31 August 2020, starting at 9:00 a.m. (Italian time). We have automatically registered for the test all non-EU candidates who applied for visa via Universitaly and who selected a study programme offered in Italian language at our University.


Pursuant to Italian Ministry of university and research provisions issued on 16 June 2020, candidates coming from extraEU countries and wishing to enroll in bachelor's/master's/combined bachelor's and master's degrees taught in italian should prove knowledge of the Italian language.


A certificate of level B2 or higher issued as part of the CLIQ quality system is required.
In the event that this certificate has not been obtained, the candidate must successfully undertake an italian language test, which is held every year at our University between August and September: who fail the test will not be allowed to enroll.

If the courses of the degree programme choosen by candidates are entirely taught in English, the University of Brescia exempts international students from taking the Italian language test.



Detailed information on exemptions from the test may be found in the Regulations for admission of foreign students to University programmes (link Study in Italy in the column on the right). Among exemptions the following are included:

  • Secondary school diploma (four or five years) obtained in an italian school abroad
  • Diploma of italian language and culture issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia or Siena
  • Secondary school diploma issued by a public "scuola di frontiera" offering courses taught in italian
  • Secondary school diploma obtained in the San Marino Republic