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Instalment payment plan

DUE DATES A.Y. 2016-2017

FIRST INSTALMENT: paid on enrolment/registration



Delayed payments shall give rise to the payment of the penalty :

  • € 50.00 within 30 days from the deadline.
  • € 100.00 more than 30 days from the deadline.

Instalments should be paid via MAV (Moduli Avviso Pagamento, payment against notice) payment slips that can be downloaded online from the ESSE3 page of each student.

A summary of the fees (paid and not paid) can be seen by logging on to the service segreteria online Esse3 (Esse3 Online Students' Office).

After logging in, students should click on Segreteria (Online Student's Office) and then Pagamenti (Payments). Outstanding payments are marked with a red mark.

PLEASE NOTE: the mark may stay red for a few days after the payment has been made. This is due to delayed registration by the bank, which happens after a few days.

The MAV (Modulo Avviso Pagamento, payment against notice) payment slip can be displayed by clicking on the invoice number and can be paid in one of the following ways:

·         by printing the MAV and paying it at any bank providing the MAV service;

·         by online banking for a/c holders who have this service activated.

·         with debit card at ATMs of banks providing this service.

·         with credit card (including cards in the name of persons other than the student)

Illustrative table of the total amount of the fees and contributions by declared ISEEU value
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