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ISEE: Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente - Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator

The ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) is an instrument which is used according to standard criteria to assess the financial situation of people requesting social security benefits or access to public utilities under favourable conditions.

It is submitted to request a reduction in the student contribution and/or the economic benefits and the services provided by the Unit for the Right to Higher Education

Financial situation is assessed by taking into account the income of all household members, their assets (calculated at 20%) and, using an equivalence scale, the composition of the household (number of members and their characteristics).

ISEE = (sum of income net of deductibles) + 20%* (sum of assets net of deductibles) / Parameter of the equivalence scale

In order to adequately account for subjects who actually bear the costs to support the student, the ISEEU (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator for University) value modifies the ISEE value in the following ways:

1) the student's household is combined with that of their parents when neither of the following requirements is met:

1.     Fixed residence outside the housing unit of the household of origin for at least two years in property not owned by a member of the household of origin;

2.     Indicatore della Situazione Reddituale (Income Situation Indicator), based exclusively on income from employment or similar, not from working for a family member, declared for tax purposes since at least two years, of no less than €7,766.00 (this amount may be subject to change by Resolution of the Giunta Regionale of Lombardy).

2) the student's household is combined with the household of the parent receiving the student's support allowance in case of separation or divorce. If the parents belong to two different households, but with no legal separation or divorce existing, the household is combined with those of both parents.

Pursuant to article 5 of Prime Ministerial Decree of 9 April 2001, paragraph 7, the Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente all'Estero (Indicator of the Equivalent Financial Situation Abroad) is calculated as the sum of income earned abroad and twenty per cent of the assets held abroad, if not have already used to calculate the Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator, appraised in the same ways and based on the average exchange rate of the euro in the year in question.

Deadline for submitting the ISEE

The University should receive the ISEE declaration by 30 November 2016.

Penalty for late submission of the ISEE
Information related to ISEE may also be provided later - but anyway no later than 30 November 2016 - on payment of an additional contribution of €40 to be allocated for cultural activities for students.

What happens if a student does not have the ISEE declaration?

Students who do not submit the ISEE declaration when enrolling for the first time or when enrolling in years subsequent to the first, shall pay the whole sum of the contributions.

Which documents are required?

See the related page.