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Reimbursement of fees A.Y. 2016-2017

Starting from the A.Y. 2016-2017:

REIMBURSEMENTS AT THE REQUEST OF THE STUDENT (pursuant to article 18 of the Student Regulation):

1) enrolled students who withdraw from studies within 15 days of completing enrolment, provided that the application for reimbursement is submitted within that same time period;

2) students who renew enrolment for the academic year and apply for a transfer to another university within the deadline, provided that they apply for the reimbursement within 15 days of submitting their application for transfer;

3) students who renew the enrolment for the academic year and who obtain their degree in the degree sessions of the previous academic year, provided that they submit their application for reimbursement within 15 days of the degree.

4) incorrect payment.

Please find the "Fees reimbursement form" in attachment


1) scholarship holders or eligible students who were not awarded scholarships – reimbursement of the first fees instalment (excluding the regional tax and stamp duty);

2) balance managed by the Student's Service.

Pursuant to Italian Law Decree 201 of December 2011, article 12, payments shall only be made by bank transfer to the current account in the beneficiary's name.

To enter or amend the Current Account details (IBAN), students should use their own personal page - Clicking on Home > Anagrafica (Personal Details) > Modifica Dati di Pagamento e Rimborso (Change Payment and Reimbursement Details).