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How much does it cost to study at the University of Brescia?

Table showing minimum and maximum university fee amounts for A.Y. 2017/18

The university contribution is made up of a fixed fee and a variable part (university contributions):

The fixed fee is made up of the following items:
Regional Tax for Right to Study € 140.00
Stamp Duty acquitted virtually € 16.00
Total € 156.00

University contributions are calculated based on:

  1. the study programme chosen;
  2. ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) value calculated specifically for subsidised services for the right to university education;
  3. number of academic years enrolled in the study programme;
  4. number of credits achieved in the twelve months prior to the 10th of August.

A reduction in the university contribution is provided for students with ISEE lower or equal to € 13,000 enrolled in the first year or enrolled for a number of years lower or equal to the normal duration of the study programme plus one year and that have achieved, in the event of enrolment to the second year, at least 10 university credits by the 10th of August or, in the event of enrolment in years after the second year, at least 25 university credits by the 10th of August.

  • If the ISEE is lower or equal to € 13,000 the university contribution is not owed. The regional tax and stamp duty are paid.

  • If the ISEE is between 13,000 and 30,000 euros the contribution is calculated according to the formula: (ISEE - 13,000)*0.07 + regional tax + stamp duty.

    For other students the level of university contribution in place in previous academic years is maintained.

    The tables below shows examples of the contribution levels for each study programme, for each type of student corresponding to ISEE values up to 45,000 euros.

      The highest contribution bracket applies to students with an ISEE above €45,000.

    Reductions in the contribution according to the ISEE value are not provided for Postgraduate Degree Programmes.

    The brackets and the relative amounts are indicated in the tables:

  • Economics and Law area

  • Engineering area

  • Medicine area



    Communication of ISEE data, necessary for determining the contribution bracket for calculating the second and third instalment of the fee for the 2017/2018 A.Y. is to be carried out online by 30th December 2017.

    Those who intend to benefit from a reduction in the university contribution for the 2017/2018 must request a valid ISEE for services subsidised for the right to university education, by December 31st 2017, bearing the words "applicable to the services subsidised for the right to university education in favour of (tax code of the student).



    For the exemptions and reductions envisaged consult the page "exemptions and reductions".



    Payment occurs in three instalments by means of MAV (Modulo di Avviso Versamento, payment against notice) payment slip, generated by the IT system available to students on their persona; page, which should be printed and paid at any bank, ATM or online banking service:

  • first instalment: paid on enrolment/registration = €156 for all study programmes (equal to the sum of regional tax for the right to study and stamp duty) - by the 16th of October 2017

  • second instalment: by 15th March 2018

  • third instalment: by 31st May 2018

    Students who are not up-to-date with the payment of fees and contributions cannot be admitted to the examinations.