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Exemptions/reductions of enrolment fees and contributions - A.Y. 2017/18

For the A.Y. 2017/2018 the following exemptions/reductions are in place:


The following are exempt from paying university contributions and consequently only pay the regional tax for the right to study and the stamp duty:

  • Students with ISEE (equivalent financial situation indicator) lower or equal to € 13,000 enrolled in the first year or enrolled for a number of years lower or equal to the normal duration of the study programme plus one year and that have achieved, in the event of enrolment to the second year, at least 10 university credits by the 10th of August or, in the event of enrolment in years after the second year, at least 25 university credits by the 10th of August.

  • Students with disabilities ≥ 66%. The situation of specific learning disabilities does not entail exemption from university fees unless accompanied by a certificate of disability ≥ 66%

  • Students eligible for scholarships and scholarship holders;

  • students who are the children of those receiving disability benefits, with an ISEE no greater than € 4,000;

  • foreign students who come from Developing Countries (defined by  Italian Ministerial Decree No. 556 of 08/07/2016) whose household resides in the same country and does not earn income or hold assets in Italy, shall owe the minimum amount required for their study programme.

  • foreign students benefiting from a scholarship from the Italian Government in the framework of development cooperation programmes and cultural and scientific intra-governmental agreements.

  • students imprisoned by final judgement in prisons with which an agreement exists.



    Siblings of students enrolled at the University of Brescia benefit from a reduction of the fully comprehensive annual contribution calculated based on the student's position and the ISEE until the first year beyond the normal duration of the study programme of the first sibling enrolled.  This benefit is granted provided that the siblings are included in the same household and have the same residence. The reduction amounts to:

  • 30% of the contribution (excluding the regional tax and the stamp duty) for students with ISEE, for the services subsidised for the right to university education, lower or equal to € 30,000

  • 20% of the contribution (excluding the regional tax and the stamp duty) for students with ISEE, for the benefits received for the university right to study, greater than € 30,000

    In the event of pregnancy, for programmes without attendance obligations the student may, as an alternative to interrupting her studies, benefit from a 50% reduction in the student contribution due for the academic year (excluding the regional tax for the right to study and the stamp duty), for the birth of each child in the period 01 August - 31 July of the following year.


  • Students enrolled in study programmes (excluding students studying beyond the prescribed duration of their programme and students repeating a year) benefit from a €450 reduction of the university contribution if, by the 31st of October of the previous year, they have reached or exceeded the 75th percentile of the frequency distribution for credits and weighted average mark achieved for each programme and year.Students with a greater number of enrolment years than the normal duration of the study programme and students who interrupted their studies are excluded. The table shows the average mark and the university credits required to achieve the reduction for merit, for each year and each study programme.

  • Graduates from the systems provided for in Italian Ministerial Decree 509/99 and subsequent amendments who obtained their bachelor degree with marks of at least 100 out of 110 and completed their study programme within the normal duration (without validation of training activities from previous educational careers or enrolments) are partially exempt from the university contributions, for the amount of € 200, if they enrol in a Master's degree programme.



  • Students involved in educational activities abroad as part of international agreements (not Erasmus) are exempt from university contributions (second and third instalment), proportionally to the time spent abroad, if said international agreements involve charges to be paid by the student, due to the inability to make use of lectures taught on site.This is without prejudice to any other provisions contained in the international collaboration agreements in force;

  • students participating in projects for which a contract or agreement has been stipulated that specifically envisages exemption from the contribution;

  • pregnant students, limited to study programmes without attendance obligations, have the possibility to benefit from a 50% reduction of their university contribution, as an alternative to interrupting their studies, for the A.Y. 2017/2018 for the birth of each child born in the period 1st January 2017 - 31 July 2018. For the following academic years births in the period 1st August - 31st July of the following year will be considered. To be entitled to this reduction it is necessary to submit your application to the Student's Service and Information helpdesk at Via San Faustino 74/b;

  • students who are employees or the child of employees of metalworking companies that have received student scholarships funded by EBM (a maximum of 60 students) based on the contract approved by the Academic Senate with resolution 36/2016 of 12/04/2016, are exempt from payment of the second and third instalment for each of the three years of the scholarship, provided that the requirements for the renewal of the scholarship itself are respected.

    Further forms of exemption can be provided based on specific agreements.