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Erasmus Incoming Students


Erasmus students will be accepted at the University of Brescia only upon receipt of an official nomination from the partner University. When nominating the students, the following information should be provided:

Subject area
Study cycle
Semester(s) of stay
Date of birth
Place of birth

Nominations deadline: 

June 30th - (I semester and whole academic year students)

October 30th - (II semester students)

Letter of Acceptance
The International Mobility Office, after receiving the nomination, will send an acceptance email to the partner University and to the nominated incoming students. An official acceptance/invitation letter will be issued only for non-EU citizens needing to apply for a Visa (Visto per Studio) and for EU students on specific request.

Online Application Form
All the accepted students will receive an email containing the credentials to access the online application form to the University of Brescia.
For further details and instructions on the application procedure please download the application guide (see attachment below).
Deadlines to complete the on line application form are:

July 15th - (I semester and whole academic year students)

November 15th - (II semester students)

Useful information, e.g. academic calendar, list of the courses available, classes timetables (if available) and deadlines to complete the online application form will be included in the email, in order to help the incoming students organize their mobility period in Brescia.

N.B. Due to the increasing number of requests, for the moment we are not able to guarantee a bed-place to all the Erasmus Incoming Students for the current academic year. Further information will follow.

The University of Brescia has 8 residences in the city where all the incoming Erasmus students can reserve a room. All the students needing to reserve a room in the University residences are required to specify in the application form the exact dates of stay. Students cannot choose directly the residence nor a specific room type, but they are usually accommodated in the closest residence to the facility where they attend classes. Additional information about the residences can be found on the dedicated page or requested to reception@unibs.it

Language Requirements and Italian language courses for Erasmus students
Most of the classes at the University of Brescia are offered in Italian. There are a few courses partially or totally taught in English (for further details see the complete academic offer).
Having adequate Italian language knowledge is highly recommended for all the students who will choose to attend courses held in italian (especially for those coming to the Department of Law and all the Departments in the Medicine area). The following proficiency levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR) are recommended according to the study cycle of the inbound students:
Bachelor's Students - ltalian A2
Master's Students - Italian B1

The University of Brescia offers complimentary Italian language courses at different levels, starting at the beginning of each semester: in September and in February.
The attendance to these courses is very recommended for all those students who do not have any italian language competence or any italian language certificates and have selected courses in italian for their Learning Agreement.  
Taking an assessment test is required at the beginning of the classes and another one is planned at the end of the course. Students who have attended 75% of the classes will receive an attendance Certificate.
The Italian language course does not count towards the credits earning.

As for the courses held in english, the recommended level the students should have before coming to Brescia is defined in the Bilateral Agreement between the University of Brescia and the sending Institution.


All the incoming students are required to attend the welcome day, which is normally held at the beginning of September (first semester) and at the beginning of February (second semester). An official communication will be sent by email to all the students for further details. 
During the welcome day useful information will be given concerning the procedures to follow during the stay, the services offered by the University, etc. therefore the attendance is mandatory.

All the incoming students need to have their arrival certificate signed and stamped as soon as they arrive in Brescia. That is very important in order to attest that the mobility period has begun and to receive the Erasmus grant from their home University.
At their arrival students must have a Learning Agreement duly signed by their Home Institution Coordinator. In order to obtain also the signature of the Coordinator of the University of Brescia either on the Learning Agreement or on the Changes to the Learning Agreement, it will be necessary to get in touch directly with Department Coordinators during office hours.


A few days before returning to their home Country all the incoming students are required to take an appointment with the International Mobility Office for the closing arrangements, such as:

- Collecting the Certificate of attendance 
- Filling in the final questionnaire (personal review on the Erasmus period)

Please be advised that: the final Transcript of Records along with the Italian Language Course Certificate and any other original documents will be delivered by the International Mobility Office to the partner University within 5 weeks from the departure date.