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Other opportunities

This page contains information on the main opportunities for studying and working abroad for students and graduates.


TropEd is a network of European institutions for higher education in international health. It collaborates with institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America and provides postgraduate opportunities in the field of sustainable development. The contact person for the University of Brescia is Prof. Francesco Castellifrancesco.castelli@unibs.it

JPO & AEs programme

The "Associate Experts and Young Officials in International Organisations" programme, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Development Cooperation, allows Italian citizens up to the age of 30  (33 for Medicine and Surgery graduates) and with a degree to complete a two-year training and professional experience period abroad in international organisations

The Fulbright programme

The Fulbright programme promotes opportunities for study, research and teaching in Italy and the United States, through study scholarships for Italian and US citizens, including, for example:

  • scholarships to host US lecturers with short programmes and/or for Italian lecturers for teaching positions in the USA;
  • support for participation in seminars and conferences at Italian universities;
  • scholarships for graduates, final year PhD students and Italian PhD graduates in science and technology subjects.
Italian Students Loan Fund

The Italian Students Loan Fund aims to provide financial assistance to Italian graduates for obtainment of masters or PhDs at universities in the United States