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Internship and placement

Who reads this section of the website is almost through the study Program, and faces the world of employment. Congratulations! Shortly you will be "swallowed" by the working life. So why not start with a "taste" of life in a company, a non-profit association, a professional studio, a sports center?

This is the meaning of the internship activities dedicated to the Master-to-be: to earn Credits in ​​activities "outside the University walls". These activities have a double value: firstly they allow the trainee to gain experience on times, methods, needs, ways of working in companies, after a few years of life oriented to the preparation of exams. Secondly, they allow the Business Tutor to "test" the trainee's skills before graduation, and to evaluate him (better than any CV) in view of a possible recruitment.

The Internship and Placement Office, coordinated with the committees of the Program Courses, has now collected more than two thousand companies that have been contracted through the Alma Laurea portal, which are available to host students in Internships. It is also available to all applicants (Companies and / or students) to provide assistance for new agreements.

Once completed, the pre-degree internships can be repeated after graduation, thus becoming "Extracurricular Traineeships", paid by the host companies, to complete the training path.

A wide range of services is then available to graduates looking for new jobs. Also with the help of the Alma Laurea portal, the demand for employment (by posting CVs and profiles) meets with the job offers of companies. Not to mention the numerous job preparation events, offered for free during the year, to allow an ideal approach to job interviews (public speaking events, use of social media, CV writing).

Navigate in this section to discover all the possibilities offered! We are waiting for you online or in Viale Europa offices!

The Rector Delegate to the Third Mission, to Relations with Associations, to Internships and to Placement

Prof. Franco Docchio