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The internships - instructions for use and start up

The University of Brescia offers students and graduates a service for conducting training and orientation internships in companies or public bodies. The aim is to establish a closer contact with the world of work, to give students and graduates the opportunity to enrich their training through experience in the field and provide them with the tools to develop an informed professional choice. 

Instructions for initiating internships

Offers for students and graduates

Companies interested in offering internships to students and graduates can log onto the internship portal (see the link to the related website to the right) to publish advertisements and receive applications directly from those interested.
Students and graduates should register on the Internship Portal using the link at the side, to view the internship offers, apply and, together with the company, draft a training programme.

Activation procedure

Once the candidate has been identified, activation of the student's or graduate's internship should be requested via the Almalaurea internship portal (see related link). To this end, the company must complete the Agreement, following the attached instructions, print the resulting file, sign it, stamp it and upload it again on the portal together with the signatory's identity document. After signing of the Agreement by the Chancellor and its subsequent activation, the Orientation and Training Project can be completed online on the Almalaurea portal. The Project must be printed and signed by the intern and the company following online approval by the University tutor.
Internship duration should be shown in the Project (number of months), whereas the start date will be agreed with the U.O.C. Stage e Placement (Internships, Placement Service). For insurance purposes the actual location of the internship and any other places where the intern may go, must be shown in the entry "Internship location" in the training project. If it is not possible to know the locations of any travel in advance, then general wording should be added to underline that travel is possible during the internship. Once signed by all concerned, the agreement and training project will be uploaded onto the internship Portal by the University and they will be available in electronic format.

Accredited companies list

Click here to view the list of companies from whom you can turn an internship. You can filter out the companies for various parameters (company name, macro area and internship type).

Notes for the companies
  • An internship is not an employment relationship, and is therefore exempt from INPS (National Social Welfare Institution) contributions.
  • The University shall provide insurance cover for interns, both for occupational accidents, with INAIL (the National Institution for Insurance against Accidents at Work), and for Third-Party Civil Liability.
  • The maximum duration of internships is set at:
    - 12 months for curricular internships, which must be completed before graduation;
    - 6 months for extracurricular internships, including extensions. Non-curricular internships must be started within 12 months of the date of graduation.