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Company presentations

A company presentation is a type of activity proposed by companies that are interested in meeting students/graduates to satisfy their staff recruitment needs.

Company presentations normally last half a morning (2-3 hours maximum). During this time, companies can present themselves to students/graduates, describe the real possibilities that there are for employment or internships, answer the questions of those present, and gather their CVs.

The most appropriate date and university site for the presentation is agreed on with the company.

Target audience

The target audience is defined in accordance with specific indications by the company, which can address graduates and/or students, of both three-year bachelor's degree programmes and specialist-master's degree programmes, in the scientific macro areas present at the University (Medicine and Biology, Economics, Engineering Studies, Law Studies).


The Stage e Placement office will be responsible for advertising the event on the University website and inviting students/graduates by email.

In order to spread the initiative as much as possible, it is important that companies send invitations to the home addresses of the graduates/students they wish to see involved.

In this case, the company will be responsible for the activities and will bear their costs (in addition, therefore, to the cost that will be invoiced by the University) for:

  • graphic layout and printing of the invitations, complete with the University's logo;
  • posting the invitations, which should be done 2-3 weeks before the date of the event.

The company can also prepare some posters to be displayed at the most appropriate University sites.

Info and registration

The Stage e Placement office can provide information and gather applications to participate from students/graduates through an online registration system.

Cost of the event

The cost of the service is set at €300.00 + VAT