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General Courses (Semestral)

The courses of Italian language have six months' duration and divided into three learning levels. They are held at the Campus classrooms in Via Valotti. An entry test will be administered to check the student's proficiency level in Italian. New improvement and interdisciplinary activities have been introduced starting this year, with the aim of increasing and improving the student's linguistic and cultural skills. These activities will be performed both in and out of the classroom. They include, in particular, the “Piccolo festival dell’audiovisivo italiano” (The Little Festival of Italian Audio-Video), a cycle of 4 audio-video productions on significant themes related to Italian customs and society. The filmic text will serve as a tool for improving the audience's comprehension of the Italian language, its various registers and contexts. Another initiative is the "Caffè culturale” (Cultural Café), combining traditional classes and conversation practice with visits to places of artistic and social interest in the local area. These educational modules aim at making the participants learn about Italian society and culture, socioeconomic situation and relational habits, and compare them with those of their home countries, to improve their conversation skills. Finally, "Corso di Italiano per la comunicazione accademinca" (Italian course for academic communication) is an activity that has been specifically designed to improve the participant's speaking and writing skills for academic communication purposes. Here below are the calendars of the courses and extra-curricular activities.