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All students enrolled to degree course of all Schools may register for the exams through the online procedure.

To be admitted to sit the exams, students need to be enrolled and be in good standing position with payment of taxes and tuition; otherwise they cannot be admitted to the examinations

Please note that:

  • The examinations can be carried out orally and/or written;
  • Students cannot repeat exams once they have passed;
  • Students cannot take exams without receiving certificate of attendance or without being enrolled to the course;
  • Students may withdraw from a written or oral exam until just before the final evaluation;
  • School regulations can provide specific norms for admission or exclusion from exam sessions for those student who withdrew or did not pass the exams;
  • The result of the exam will be written down on his personal university booklet and registered as part of his university career once the exam has been passed.

Exams taken without following pre-requisites of the academic authorities will be considered non valid therefore they will be annulled by Chancellor’s decree.

It’s the student’s responsibility to know the rules and norms of his Degree course and is solely responsible for the annulment of exams taken in violation of those standards.
Credits are earned only upon passing.