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Enrolment for degree courses

Access to the School is open to diploma graduates that have completed five years of secondary school and those holding a diploma from a teacher-training or artistic high school who have completed an additional one-year course with positive results. All degree graduates can enrol in any other degree programme, regardless of their secondary school qualifications.

Enrolment regulations

According to the “Regolamento Didattico di Ateneo” (University Teaching Regulations), it is not permitted to enrol simultaneously at other universities and institutes of higher education, in different faculties or schools of the same University or Institute, and in various degree or diploma programmes in the same faculty or school.

Enrolment deadlines

Applications for university matriculation or enrolment in the courses listed in the following pages must be submitted within the peremptory deadlines. Only for serious and justified reasons, and by providing corroborating evidence when the cause for the delay is truly worthy of consideration, may the Chancellor, on an exceptional basis, authorize acceptance of the application after the deadline, and in any case not later than 31st December, after which no exceptions will be allowed. Students who register late will not benefit from the automatic enrolment process: once the payments have been made, the student must return and submit the relative receipts to the respective Office so that their academic career details are updated manually.