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Online enrolment for study programmes in Economics, Law and Engineering

This page offers information about enrolment for study programmes in Economics, Law and Engineering, with the exception of the combined Bachelor’s and Master's Degree in Architectural Engineering.


Students must complete enrolment online within the deadline established by the Call for applications. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: access to a scanner will be required to complete the enrolment procedure, in order to attach a scanned copy of the filled in and signed enrolment application, identity document and tax code card (front and back on one page), as well as receipt of your first MAV instalment payment.


a. On the homepage www.unibs.it candidates must click on Students and log in using their personal username and password

b. Then they must click on the left-hand menu Students' Office -> Enrolment
Students must upload a passport photo at this stage, if one has not already been uploaded or if it failed to upload correctly. In addition, any academic qualifications declared that had yet to be awarded must now be edited.

c. Upon completion of the procedure, print the enrolment application and the MAV payment slip for the first instalment.


d. Payments can be made at any bank, ATM machine or via online current account. Pay the first instalment and make a scanned copy of the payment receipt in PDF format.

Students must check that their payments have been processed on their personal profile in the left-hand menu Students' Office -> Payments (green light). Processing of payments from banks to the university can take from 2 to 5 working days. Should payments fail to be processed within the deadline, students must contact Infostudente.

Enrolment will not be valid if payment is made after the established deadline.


e. To complete the enrolment procedure, in the left-hand menu Students' Office -> Academic career attachments, the following documents must be upload in scanned .pdf format:

  • filled in and signed enrolment application
  • copy of the identity document used for registration and identification on the day of the test and of the tax code card
  • receipt of the first instalment of the MAV payment

f. Enrolment is finalised by the Students' Service subject to submission of all required documents and payment of the first instalment of the university fees. Students will receive official email confirmation of enrolment.

Following submission and finalisation of the enrolment application, students must proceed with the online curriculum presentation. The deadlines and methods are outlined on page Curriculum.

Following payment of the first university fee instalment via MAV slip and validation of the uploaded student photo by the Students' Service, the Banca Popolare di Sondrio will issue a personalised university card, with photo. As soon as the card is available, students are notified via email at the address indicated during registration, with instructions on how to collect the card. Card collection is compulsory.


Candidates who obtained their high school diploma abroad must go to the Student's Service - Via S. Faustino 74/B to submit it. Their diploma should be translated and legalized by Italian consular authorities in the country where it was awarded. Regulations approved by the italian Ministry of education, university and research are summarised in the International students area of the website (link in the column on the right).