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Enrolment for master degree programmes

Registration for master degree (laurea magistrale) programmes is open to students who have acquired qualification from the first level study programme foreseen by current teaching regulations for admission without grade debits.
Students holding other first-level qualifications are however admitted to master degree (laurea magistrale) programmes with attributed grade debits, which shall be verified upon registration and absolved in accordance with D.M. (Italian Ministerial Decree) no. 509/99 .

Registration must be made at the relative Students’ Office, where envelopes containing the matriculation forms and the grade debit calculation sheet can be collected within the date determined by each individual school.

Students enrolled at the Università degli Studi di Brescia, who have not yet obtained the bachelor degree required for admission to the above programmes, can also register for the master degree (laurea magistrale) under special conditions, provided they achieve the said bachelor degree (Laurea) by the deadlines specified by their own course, and have acquired the minimum number of credit points required by each School from their first level study programme. 

Enrolment regulations

According to the “Regolamento Didattico di Ateneo” (University Teaching Regulations), it is not permitted to enrol simultaneously at other universities and institutes of higher education, in different faculties or schools of the same University or Institute, and in various degree or diploma programmes in the same faculty or school.

Enrolment deadlines

Applications for university matriculation or enrolment in the courses listed in the following pages must be submitted within the peremptory deadlines.