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Student Registration

Registration is the first step to be performed by users accessing the Università degli Studi di Brescia IT system for the first time in order to access any online procedures.
Registration can be carried out by accessing the related site Procedura di registrazione (Registration procedure).
Students will need the following in the registration phase: personal identity document data, tax code, residence, contact details, mobile telephone number, personal email address.
 All the required information should be entered in the registration area. A private email address must be added. Once the personal data has been added, the procedure provides the login credentials (username and password) that will be needed for future logins. The memo should be printed - STAMPA DEL PROMEMORIA (PRINT MEMO) (or saved as a file) to save the credentials required for future logins.

From their personal page, students can:

  • Access admission test registration
  • Access online enrolment
  • Download payment slips for university fees
  • Upload their study plan
  • Register for examination sessions
  • Display the academic records to check the examinations taken so far
  • Print any self-certifications attesting to enrolment and exams taken
  • Change their personal data (from home)
Please note - The following students do NOT need to register:
  • Students enrolled at the Università di Brescia
  • Those who graduated up to 6 months ago
Please note: The following students do NOT need to register, but they must recover their credentials at the related site:
  • Students who withdrew or lost their student status, or those who graduated up to 6 months ago, but in any case students who are already recognised by the Università degli Studi di Brescia IT system.

Servizio recupero credenziali (Username - password recovery service): To recover their credentials, users should click alongside this text on the related site "Servizio recupero credenziali" (Username-password recovery service) and enter their tax code. If the tax code already matches a private email address, then the IT system will allow the user to recover their credentials on their own (by entering the Password and/or Username Recovery service).
If on the other hand the tax code does not match a private email address, then the IT system will ask the user to fill in some information (private email address, identity document) and fax a copy of the identity document specified within 3 days to the number of the competent Student's Service office.