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University email address (institutional email address)

An institutional (i.e. verifiable) email address is set up for each student in the format nomeutente@studenti.unibs.it (e.g. m.rossi001@studenti.unibs.it) and includes other Google Apps for Education services.
Emails can be read online at http://www.unibs.it; in order to log in, students should use the same credentials as they use for other University services.

Further information can be found on the dedicated pages in the University portal “Posta elettronica, calendari e documenti per Studenti” (Email, calendars and documents for Students, link alongside this text).

Setting up the email address

The email address will take a few days to set up, starting from payment of the first instalment and not before confirmation of enrolment by the relevant Student's Service.

Lost password

If students lose their password, they should log on to the University website, click on "Studenti" (Students) and then “Servizio recupera password” (Password retrieval service).

Why should students read and use the University email?

The University email is the only address recognised by the University for receiving and sending communications. 
This ensures that no confidential information is sent to unknown parties.
In addition to this, using the University email to send emails enables administration offices to clearly identify the student, thus speeding up response times.
The University does not guarantee that it will process requests sent from any email addresses that are not the institutional (i.e. verifiable) ones.
Students are required to check their email inbox for any notifications and communications concerning their education and administrative matters.