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Recognition of foreign qualifications

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Italian or foreign students can request to have their university qualifications obtained abroad in the case the degree course is comparable to one conferred at the University of Brescia. Such a request, supplied with the documentation listed below, deliberates the competent Department council to evaluate each case individually in order to allow the student to enroll at the University of Brescia exempting some of the subjects on the curriculum (except for special bi-lateral agreements or international conventions).
Italian citizens, Eu-citizens no matter where the residency is, and non-eu citizens residing in Italy (ex art. 5 law n. 40 of 06/03/1998) can present the entire documentation by 07/10/2011 directly to the Student’s Office at the School of Economics in via S.Faustino, 74/b Brescia bypassing the entrance exams.
Non-eu citizen residing abroad need to submit the application and documentation to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. They are the ones to will give information on the procedures to follow and then will forward the information to the University.

Documentation and deadlines at Economics

To acknowledge the studies done abroad, it is necessary to send a letter in Italian to the Rector according to the procedures above, specifying the foreign degree (in the original language) and indicating the exams that require validation (form can be requested at the department of Economics student’s office).
The following information needs to be attached to the application:

  • Original authenticated secondary school diploma with official translation and credentials evaluation from the competent authorities, Italian Consulate, Diplomatic representatives etc;
  • Original foreign university degree with official translation, and credentials evaluation from the competent authorities, Italian Consulate, Diplomatic representatives etc;
  • Original certificate/transcript of courses taken abroad, officially translated into Italian and with legal authentication as above;
  • Original curriculum of exams taken (on letterhead paper from the University you are coming from or stamp authenticated from the University); indication of the length of the course and legal translation into Italian required;
  • A copy of an ID (for Italian residents, issued by Italian authorities).
  • Italian citizens, Eu-citizen no matter where they have residency and non-eu citizens living in Italy (ex art. 5 law n. 40 of 06/03/1998) need to present the entire documentation requested by 07/10/2011, skipping the entrance exam.
Documentation and deadlines in Medicine

To acknowledge studies done abroad, it is necessary to present an application with a tax stamp of € 14.62 addressed to “Magnifico Rettore” according to the procedure reported, attaching the documents indicated below:

  • Original authenticated secondary school diploma (or certificate) valid for university entrance in the country where it was taken; official translation in Italian of the secondary school diploma, declaration of worth, issued by Diplomatic representation or Italian consulate in the country where the qualification was issued;
  • Original university title, including official translation into Italian and declaration of worth issued by Diplomatic Representative or Italian consulate of the country where the qualification was issued;
  • Original certificate with detailed list of exams taken abroad needed for the foreign degree; official translation into Italian of the certificate in question;
  • Photocopy and residency permit and European ID for Eu-citizens no matter where they reside and for non-eu members legally living in Italy;
  • 2 passport-size photographs, one certified for non-eu citizens residing abroad.

The deadline for the application to be submitted to the Students’ Office for the non-European members, no matter where they reside and for non-eu members legally residing in Italy is August 31 of every year.
In the month of October, to have their degree acknowledged, all candidates must take a 100 question test on topics of their Degree Course from the II to the VI year (also tested on scientific English-language knowledge) according to the study plan in force at this university. Passing grade is 70% and over.
Once the test is passed the candidate can be admitted to the VI year of (fuori corso) (therefore there is non obligation to attend) and he will have to take the following exams: clinical medicine, oncology, geriatrics; clinical surgery; general and specialized pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology; forensic medicine, degree exams.
Non-eu citizens residing abroad, in order to be admitted to the above mentioned tests, need to also take an Italian language examination that the Ministry establishes for the first days of September.

Acknowledgement of a Nursing degree

To have a degree from a non-emu country acknowledged, the application must be handed in at the Students’ Office by August 31 of every year.
All foreign students applicants need to take an Italian language exam on the date established by the Ministry, the body competent for foreign students’ admission to degree courses; no further exams can be taken if Italian is not passed.
To have a degree recognized, candidates need to take a 90 multiple choice questions written exam, scheduled by September 30 focusing on the subjects of the curricula in force,
The examining board is made up of the President of the Degree Course Teaching Board and at least three members of the board from the university credits verification.
Candidates who answer at least 64 questions pass the written test and are then admitted as third year “fuori corso”* students, therefore exempted from attending lessons.
Candidates admitted as third year “fuori corso”* need to comply with the following obligations:

  • Pass exams of General Fundamentals of Nursing;
  • Pass Methodology of basic clinical nursing assistance;
  • Pass exam of Organization of the nursing profession,
  • Pass exam of Science of Management in particular the part on Labor law and public law;
  • Pass exam of Forensic medicine and ethics;
  • Pass the English III;
  • Attend and pass third year internship training;
  • Final exam, including the written essay.

* fuori corso students * are those students who have not succeeded in passing their exams within the time frame prescribed.