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Loss of student status

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Starting from the A.Y. 2015-2016, individuals who interrupt or suspend their studies for a period longer than double the normal duration of the programmes (e.g. three-year programmes: those who interrupt or suspend for 6 academic years; for master's degree programmes: those who interrupt or suspend for 4 years) shall be considered as having lost their student status. The limit for single cycle (bachelor's plus master's) degree programmes is 8 years.
Students who do not obtain university credits or sit examinations for 6 years in the case of a three-year degree programme or 4 years in the case of a master's degree programme or 8 years in the case of a single cycle degree programme, also lose their student status.

Students retain their status if they have obtained all the university credits required apart from those assigned for the final test or (for programmes prior to Italian Ministerial Decree DM 509/99) if they have passed all the examinations and only have the degree examination left to take.
Students who apply for or are transferred to another study programme within the terms specified above do no lose their student status.

Individuals who have lost their student status may enrol again in the first year of the same or another study programme.