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Temporary interruption and resumption of studies

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Students may temporarily interrupt their studies by not renewing their enrolment for the subsequent academic year.
Interruption is only allowed at the start of the academic year, not during it.
Interruption may not last less than an academic year.
The study plan and examinations taken shall remain valid for a number of years of interruption no longer than double the normal duration of the programme for all bachelor's degree and master's degree programmes, or for no longer than 8 years for single cycle (bachelor's plus master's degree) programmes. Beyond these terms, students will automatically be considered as having dropped out of the study programme and their credits shall become invalid.

Students may not sit exams or make use of educational services during the period of interruption.

Resumption of studies

In order to resume studies after a period of interruption, students should fill in the form attached to this page. The filled in form should be submitted by the deadline set for enrolment for the new academic year, to the Student's Service and Information Unit desk at via S. Faustino 74/b, in Brescia. Said Unit shall forward the application to the Careers Management Unit of the study programme concerned. Alternatively, students may make an appointment and hand the form in directly to the Careers Management Unit, which is competent for providing information on issues that may concern the career status of the student (year of the programme, study plan, examinations) following interruption.

Students who resume their studies should pay any outstanding contributions up to the last academic year of enrolment. They should also pay a recognition fee of € 80 for each academic year of interruption and the first instalment of the fees for the new academic year of enrolment.
Only once they have received approval to resume their studies, the persons concerned may download the MAV payment slips from their online personal page (link from home page > Studenti / Students), having recovered their username-password (see the related page Student registration).

Once students have enrolled, they may take examinations starting from the first useful examination session of the new academic year.