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Withdrawing from university

By withdrawing from studies, students express their explicit wish to give up forever their studies. The student concerned may withdraw at any time provided that the student concerned is up-to-date with the payment of all fees accrued in the academic years of enrolment up to the date on which the written statement for withdrawal from studies is submitted.

Students who withdraw may enrol at a later date in the same or a different study programme, thereby beginning a new academic career. Any recognition of credits acquired in the previous university career ended due to withdrawal, will be subject to evaluation and a decision by the Degree Programme Board concerned, once the latter has ensured that the credits themselves are not out of date.

In order to withdraw from studies, the student concerned shall fill in and submit the form attached to this page at the Student's Service and Information Unit desk, including:

  • statement on stamped paper addressed to the Chancellor, clearly expressing willingness to withdraw from the studies embarked upon;
  • declaration in lieu of affidavit (for the library services);
  • declaration in lieu of affidavit (for outstanding matters related to the Right to Higher Education).